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Whether you’re looking for fun activities to distract visitors while they’re waiting in line, highlight your theme or enhance your programming, we’ve got the perfect solution!

Experiences tailored to your needs

Can be rented in blocks of hours or by the week ;

Activities offered year-round

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Fun for all types of events

Our experiences allow users to learn more about the theme of your event, make waiting in line more enjoyable and give them a fun time with family or friends.We also create custom concepts for marketing activations and event promotion.

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Waiting has never been this fun! We know that guest experience is among your top priorities. We also know that your sponsors seek marked presence and direct communication with your audience. That’s where our cutting edge Waiterz mobile app comes in!

Playful trails

Wow your audience or visitors with an extra original and exciting activity that reflects your festival or event. Our quests are all about fun, mystery and action. Our concepts can be rented out or custom-designed, depending on your needs and budget.

The Sherlock Holmes Experience

Transport your visitors back to 1885 on board the Trans Europe Rail where they’ll play Sherlock Holmes to solve 4 riddles. Will they find the answers and declare, in the words of the famous detective, “It’s elementary, my dear Watson”?

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