Puzzle and deduction game

The Shelock Holmes Experience

The Sherlock Holmes Experience is a puzzle and deduction game designed to test your investigative skills. Travel back to 1885 aboard the Trans Europe Rail, a train that runs between Moscow and London and on which mysterious events have taken place. Answer the call by Scotland Yard and take on the role of Sherlock Holmes to solve four puzzles. Will you find the answers and earn the bragging rights to say “Elementary, my dear Watson”?

         A semi-trailer truck that comes to you

Four puzzles to solve in teams of two or three people
Play levels suitable for children, teenagers and adults

Twelve minutes to solve each puzzle


Scotland Yard is counting on you

Immersed in realistic reproductions of vintage train cars, players have 12 minutes to solve each of the four puzzles. Whether the challenge brings them to the dining car, baggage car or either of the two cabins, they must use their powers of observation and deduction to interpret the clues, reconstruct the facts and solve the mystery.

Anyone can be a detective !

Depending on the age or experience of the participants, the investigation can involve more or fewer steps. This makes it an ideal activity for families, friends, colleagues and school groups of all ages !

Thee Trans Europe Rail stop where you are

The Sherlock Holmes Experience is set up entirely inside a 26’ x 8’ semi-trailer.

The installation takes less than 30 minutes and requires no additional labour on your part. All you have to do is provide us with a parking space and two 15-amp electrical outlets. Our team takes care of everything.



Easy to integrate into your envirnment : installed and operational in less than an hour.


This cocan be deployed anywhere in Quebec.


The duration of the activity can range between one hour and few weeks.

Having the Trik Truk experience at your site is easy …
succeeding in the missions is a whole other challenge!


Dominique Gauthier

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