Mad Dash Race, Stroke Shadow
Challenge team spirit:
  • Decode
  • Drive
  • Win!

A perfect opportunity for students to sharpen their powers of observation, warm up their brains, and work as a team, all while staying active!

Activity description

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The Mad Dash Race is a thrilling 10-challenge course to experience in teams of 4-5 people with only 1 tablet or 1 smartphone per team. One class at a time can play. The race is available for 5 days.

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Participants complete the 10 challenges as quickly as possible through our mobile app, but to access each challenge, they will need the secret codes written on the game posters!

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You’ll need to scatter 10 game posters throughout the school or schoolyard to create a course that will get them moving while exercising their brains.

General informations

Creating the course

Print the 10 game posters (11″x17″), then install them wherever you like.

Duration and suggested age

The approximately 45-minutes activity is suitable for ages 12 and up.


$1,800, available for 5 days. Contact us to get your $300 discount!

How to

To begin the activity, participants must go to the first game poster to find a QR code and an access code.

By scanning the QR code with their phone, they download our Parcours Ludiques app that will guide them throughout the activity. They can validate their answers, request hints if needed, and get the information necessary for the smooth running of the game.

To access the game, they must enter the access code into the app and… off they go!

They will have 10 challenging tasks to complete as quickly as possible. Once a task is completed, they must go to the next game poster to get the secret code that will grant them access to the next task, and so on, until they have completed all 10 challenges!


Engaging and enriching challenges

The challenges are varied and designed to appeal to everyone: from pop culture quizzes to captivating riddles, general knowledge questions, and many other surprises await you! Each success in a challenge reveals the next step of the adventure.

Every student will have the opportunity to shine and showcase their skills and knowledge!

    May the fastest team win!    


Each wrong answer adds +30 seconds of penalty to the final time. It is therefore preferable to take your time to find the correct answer than to rush and write anything down…

The suspense holds until the end of the activity as the winning team will be the one with the best time on the clock, not necessarily the one that completed the challenges first!

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Easy to organize

No bus trips to plan: the activity takes place at school and can be set up in minutes.

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Our offer adapts to your needs, whether it’s for a single class, a grade level, or even the entire school.

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The activity takes 45 minutes – the length of one class period. The race is available for 5 days.

The perfect activity for all occasions!

  • Introduce new students to your school! Place the posters in areas you want to show them: the cafeteria, the library, etc.
  • Highlight a special day in any season! The Mad Dash Race can be done indoors or outdoors.

  • Create a friendly competition within your school. A great opportunity to energize a class period!

An easy and intuitive app

Mad Dash Race, led by our mobile app, transforms the school into a dynamic playground where teamwork, movement, and rediscovering familiar spaces become the essence of the adventure.

Easy to use, the app stands out for its intuitive use as simple as clicking a remote control, keeping the focus on the various challenges.

At the heart of this experience, the app takes on the role of an interactive virtual host, enriching the journey with playful mechanisms that stimulate teamwork and invite active exploration of the school environment. More than just a tool, it is the indispensable guide that accompanies participants on their quest, pushing them to think together, move around, and see their school in a new light.

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5-star service​

Our pride lies not only in the design of the challenges but also in the excellence of our customer service. We are committed to providing you with a memorable experience from booking your activity to the running of the race! Available 7 days a week, our team is here to answer all your questions and guide you whenever needed.

Mad dash race

Offer your students an activity they will remember for a long time!