Escape Game


1 truck
1 control room for 5 players 
5 crisis rooms
5 pairs
20 minutes to solve the puzzle


“Infiltration” is an immersive and interactive game inspired by the rising phenomenon of “escape rooms”. Five players will try to solve their mission through new and exciting challenges based on realistic, adrenaline-pumping scenarios worthy of any great action film.

Each mission is tackled by a team of two. The first player takes place in the control room while the second team member enters the “crisis” room. Together, they will have 20 minutes to solve the puzzle.

The five scenarios range in levels of difficulty and hints are available at all times. The real challenge is to complete the mission using a minimum of hints.

This accessible and cost-effective adventure will be the hit of your event. Ideal for festivals, corporate events and team building activities, “Infiltration” is an innovative experience that is quick and easy to install. You provide the land for the truck, TrikTruk team will take care of the rest.

Quick to deploy

 Easy to integrate into your event: set up and operational in less than an hour

Anywhere in Quebec

Can be deploy to any site in Quebec


Operational period can be from 1 day to multiple weeks

Installing “Infiltration” is easy, completing the missions is the real challenge.


Dominique Gauthier

438 792-8948