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The perfect activity for creating
memorable memories with colleagues!

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The clock is ticking in this Amazing Race meets escape room experience!

When simplicity meets fun

The GPS Race is the easiest team building activity on the market to book, organize and experience.

Book in 2 clicks, organize in 1 e-mail and play in 1h15!

General informations


60 to 120 minutes. The activity can be adapted to your needs.


The activity is played in teams of 2 to 10 participants. No team limit.


The GPS route will be programmed to the place you choose. You can enjoy the experience wherever you’d like around the world — you decide!


From $1,000 + taxes.



The hour-long activity is run completely on our mobile app, where participants will verify the test answers.


To start the activity, your colleagues get the first GPS coordinate, which they have to get to as quickly as possible. Once they arrive at the destination, they’ll get another challenge to complete.


Participants get a variety of challenges. To go to the next destination, they’ll have games to play, silly photos to take or popular culture questions to answer.

More than 400 companies have placed their trust in us

You might have done other ones, 

but none like this!

Games, challenges, brain teasers, general knowledge questions and more that will bring out your competitive spirit! Whenever a team makes a mistake, they lose time off the clock: 15 seconds on the first game, 30 seconds then 1 minute and even more later on…It’s not enough to outrun your competitors — if you want to win, you’ll have to work as a team!

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An activity that meets all your criteria:

Everyone can play. To experience the race, you don’t have to run, you have to get the answers right. One wrong answer? Oops! you’ll get a time penalty! So, the first team to complete the race won’t necessarily be the winning team. Rather, it will be the team with the fastest time on the final timer!

We create our test circuits based on your parameters, always with your safety in mind. That’s our top priority!

We know that the unexpected can happen. Don’t worry, you can easily reschedule your activity within 6 months of the scheduled date! Playing time is also flexible, ranging from 60 to 120 minutes, depending on your needs.

The activity is easy to book and organize, but above all, easy to understand and experience! Our application is highly intuitive and easy to use, so everyone can have fun.

One of the most affordable activities on the market! Starting at $1,000 + taxes.

The GPS Race really encourages teamwork, communication, logic and other key skills such as creativity and listening.

What’s more, we know it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find an activity that will appeal to everyone, but the wide variety of our events guarantees that the majority of your participants will have fun!

Corporate GPS Race

How does the application work?

There are 3 parts to the GPS race :

Open our app and go to the GPS coordinate indicated;


Work as a team to pass each of the 9 challenges set before you ;


Avoid making mistakes so as not to add time to your stopwatch. Each correct answer allows you to make up time.

The winning team will be the one with the most correct answers, not the fastest!

Give your colleagues an experience they won’t soon forget!

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Get the must-have game to liven up your end-of-year festivities

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